The Future of Marketing: 14 AI Tools You Need to Use

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, marketing has evolved significantly, and the future of this dynamic field is increasingly reliant on the power of artificial intelligence (AI). AI tools have revolutionized the way businesses connect with their audiences, providing unparalleled insights, automation, and personalization. With the potential to streamline marketing efforts, increase efficiency, and drive superior results, it is crucial for marketers to embrace and harness the capabilities of AI. In this article, we will explore 14 cutting-edge AI tools that are essential for any modern marketing strategy, transforming the way brands engage with their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Updated October 2023.

From Speak & Spell to ChatGPT, it’s safe to say we’ve finally arrived at the technological future we were promised. And now countless AI marketing tools are as common as pens (remember them?) or screwdrivers to help us with our daily tasks.

AI marketing automation tools are transforming how we approach marketing, offering advanced capabilities and data-driven insights to optimize campaign performance from start to finish and drive revenue.

In this post, we’ll explore the top 14 AI marketing tools that can revolutionize your digital marketing strategy and help you achieve greater results faster than ever before.

The Importance of AI in Digital Marketing

35% of businesses use AI in their marketing strategy, and doing so can make your brand more competitive:

Using AI Marketing Statistics for Digital Marketing Impact

However, “getting a competitive edge” is not the only important thing. There are a lot more great reasons why you should add AI marketing software to your campaign.

For starters, AI marketing solutions automate mundane tasks, such as gathering large amounts of data. You’ll be able to see metrics and other data in real time, so your business can use the best strategies to catapult your brand.

Certain AI tools can also make your marketing campaign more effective. AI can identify market gaps, analyze consumer behavior, gather competitive intelligence, and create communication scripts that cater to your audience.

AI content marketing tools are especially popular. Many tools can help you produce more content quickly. Whether you’re creating content for email marketing, social media or your blog, many AI tools can expedite the writing process. Plus, certain AI can help you optimize your content for SEO and improve your advertising campaign.

It’s essential to note that businesses shouldn’t replace humans with AI. Rather, use AI to augment human work in order to improve your existing process. For example, instead of relying on AI to write blog posts, encourage your writers to use these tools for topic ideas and testing.

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Benefits of Using AI Marketing Tools

23% of marketing professionals are using AI. With so many options available, there are tons of ways to seamlessly add AI digital marketing tools to an existing strategy. But let’s drill down into the benefits of implementing AI into your marketing campaign.

Save Time

39% of marketers state AI saved them between 26-40 minutes per week:

Time SMBs saved on marketing in a week by using artificial intelligence

That’s because an AI marketing tool can complete repetitive tasks, leaving marketers free to focus on the core tasks. For example, AI can schedule and send emails and social media posts, and marketers can then focus on other content marketing efforts that will drive conversions.

AI is especially beneficial for those working in e-commerce marketing. Many tools can send “welcome” and “abandoned cart” emails, keeping leads down the sales funnel. Plus, employees won’t have to monitor customer interactions, so they can focus on other tasks that will enhance business growth, like strategizing marketing campaigns or creating high-quality content like blog posts or product descriptions.

Customer Insights

97% of industry leaders believe AI is the solution to customer insight problems.

One of the many benefits of using an AI marketing tool is how it can quickly process data, and many businesses are already using AI to better understand customer behavior. This way, your marketing team can craft messages that resonate very personally with your audience, improving brand awareness and driving sales.

How does AI improve customer insights? You can put your ideal customer profile into ChatGPT and have it suggest marketing messages to post on social media and your website. Amazon uses AI to monitor customer buying behaviors, then recommending products to them while they shop.

Works in Real-Time

The best AI tools for marketing are not only accurate but work at fast speeds. This means that businesses can get insights when they want, and they’re always updated in real time. In marketing, this is beneficial when keeping up with metrics. Marketers can track information such as website traffic, ad spend and even identify website issues.

AI can also complete many actions automatically. This includes sending emails and scheduling social media posts.

Saves Money

Businesses can save $35,000 per year on average (which is particularly helpful for SMBs) by adding an AI marketing tool to their processes. Since marketing tasks often require significant investments, these cost-savings are impactful.

How does AI save money on your marketing tactics? AI not only makes your campaigns more efficient, but also improves productivity across all marketing tasks.

For example, AI can improve your SEO by recommending keywords or types of content to use:

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ChatGPT keyword table

This streamlines all forms of content creation, from product descriptions to sales copy. Your writers can also use AI to plan and outline content.

Many marketing tactics also come with hefty investments with little guarantees. Since AI has data-driven results, businesses can make smarter marketing decisions that will boost revenue. Many AI tools have a free version or are available cheaply, which will be friendlier on your marketing budget.

Improves ROI

That said, AI can improve your marketing ROI:

66% of marketers have seen a positive ROI after using generative AI, and some even seeing a 3X ROI!

To understand why AI results in a positive ROI, let’s go back to AI’s data-driven processes. Since marketers make serious marketing investments, AI can measure the right metrics to ensure that your tactics will generate results. You’ll always know which marketing and advertising tactics actually profited your business.

Predictive AI can also analyze customer behavior and past marketing tactics to gauge future results. This ensures that you waste no marketing dollars and only focus on the SEO tactics that will accomplish your goals.

14 AI Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Marketing Strategy

From email marketing to paid ads to content generation, here are seven excellent AI tools to make your marketing tasks easier and more successful.

1) Seventh Sense AI: Email Marketing Tool With AI-Powered Automation

Seventh Sense home page

Seventh Sense understands that sending an email at the right moment can significantly impact open rates, engagement and, ultimately, revenue generation. Traditional email marketing campaigns often fall short regarding timing, as messages may get lost or buried in crowded inboxes. However, Seventh Sense takes a data-driven approach to address this challenge.

Through AI-led data analytics, this AI tool integrates with popular email marketing channels like HubSpot, allowing marketers to gain valuable insights into recipient behavior and preferences. The tool collects and analyzes data on when individuals will most likely engage with their emails, providing actionable insights on optimal delivery times.

Key Features: Sending marketing emails at optimal delivery times.

Best For: Sending marketing emails backed by recipient behavior patterns to increase open rates and boost CTRs.


  • HubSpot extension: $64/month (annually, $80/month when billed monthly)
  • Marketo extension: $360/month (or $450/month when billed monthly)

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2) Creating Powerful Ads with AI Creative Tools

AdCreative home page

Crafting compelling and visually appealing ads is vital for capturing the audience’s attention. With, an artificial intelligence-powered ad and social creative tool, you can easily generate stunning ads. Brands like Under Armor and Tesla have already benefited from this tool, creating eye-catching creatives that drive engagement and conversions. boasts an impressive portfolio of pre-designed ad templates that cover various industries and formats. These templates serve as a starting point, providing a foundation for marketers to customize and tailor their ad creatives to align with their brand identity and campaign objectives.

Key Features: Creates ad creatives to increase conversions.

Best For: Brands that need visual ad templates that they can customize to their liking.

Pricing: There are three different pricing types: Starter, Professional, and Agency. Each type has four different tiers: Starter, Premium, Ultimate, Scale-Up. Monthly costs range from $29/month to $899/month. Agency plans also have the option to create a custom plan.

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3) Streamlining SEO Content Generation with AI Assistance

SEO.AI home page

Driving organic traffic is a cornerstone of successful digital marketing. is an innovative tool that automates SEO-enhanced content creation. Comparable to SurferSEO (another favorite of ours), it provides an SEO score when you create content, ensuring that it meets the best practices for search engine optimization.

In addition to on-page optimization, also offers insights and recommendations for off-page SEO factors. This includes analyzing backlinks, social signals, and other external factors influencing search engine rankings. Furthermore, enables marketing teams to conduct in-depth keyword research effortlessly. By analyzing search volume, competition, and relevance, the tool suggests relevant keywords that can be strategically incorporated into the content:

Key Features: Artificial intelligence marketing tools for on- and off-page SEO and conducting keyword research.

Best For: Automating the SEO content creation process.


  • Basic plan: $49/month
  • Plus plan: $99/month

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4) Optimove: Unleashing the Power of Customer Data

Optimove home page

Optimove consolidates data from various sources and provides actionable insights to drive better-informed decisions. If you follow its recommendations, you can maximize the output of your marketing efforts and achieve the results you need. This advanced AI marketing tool offers a comprehensive view of your customers and their preferences, helping you gain a deeper understanding of their behaviors and needs.

The power of Optimove lies in its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that leverage machine learning techniques to identify patterns and trends within the data. One of the key features is its ability to generate actionable tasks based on the analyzed data. It automatically identifies opportunities for optimization and growth, providing specific recommendations to your marketing team. These recommendations range from personalized messaging and tailored offers to targeted campaigns and customer retention strategies.

Key Features: Collects and analyzes data from various sources, such as customer interactions, website behavior, and social media engagements.

Best For: Uses machine learning for data collection and processing to identify trends and plan your next actions.

Pricing: Pricing is custom for all plans, depending on the number of active monthly users and any add-ons.

5) Mastering Your YouTube Thumbnails with AI

Magic Thumbnails home page

With Magic Thumbnails, you can bid farewell to the painstaking process of manually designing and testing multiple thumbnails. The tool simplifies the entire process by leveraging machine learning to automatically generate a wide range of thumbnail options based on the title and content of your video. You can choose from various layouts, styles and designs, ensuring that your thumbnail captures the essence of your video and entices potential viewers.

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Magic Thumbnails offers a cost-effective solution. For a nominal fee, you can create thumbnails in bulk, with pricing options based on the quantity you need. For instance, you can generate 40 thumbnails for just $5 or 80 thumbnails for $10, making it an affordable choice for creators who want to experiment and test different visual elements without breaking the bank.

Key Features: Automatically creates YouTube thumbnails based on your title and video content.

Best For: Video creators who don’t have the expertise to manually create thumbnails.

Pricing: $5 to generate 35 thumbnails

6) Phrasee: Personalize Your Content with AI Optimization

Phrasee - AI tool - home page

While many marketers are familiar with AI tools like ChatGPT, Phrasee goes beyond that by enabling AI content creation for every element of your marketing materials. This tool helps you test and optimize each component to identify what performs best with your audience.

Let’s take a look at a landing page, for example. You want to optimize every element of your landing pages to maximize their impact on your target audience. Phrasee helps you create multiple variations of headlines, images, CTAs and paragraph text and test them in real-world scenarios. What sets Phrasee apart is its focus on data-driven decision-making. It can provide you with actionable steps to fine-tune your content strategy continuously.

Key Features: Test and optimize your content to better engage your audience.

Best For: Marketers who need data-driven insights into their content and want to automate testing.

Pricing: Custom pricing.

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7) Jasper: Streamline Content Creation with Intuitive UX

Jasper home page

Jasper leverages the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology to generate high-quality content. With GPT-3 as its foundation, the tool can generate engaging headlines and well-written blog posts, saving you valuable time and effort. The AI algorithms analyze your input and provide content suggestions that align with your objectives, ensuring that your messaging is clear, compelling and relevant.

One of the key advantages of Jasper is its user-friendly design. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a beginner, you’ll find the platform easy to navigate and utilize effectively. Furthermore, Jasper’s AI capabilities continue to evolve, thanks to ongoing advancements in natural language processing and machine learning.

Key Features: Automatically generates high-quality content.

Best For: Those who want to automate content creation–whether to generate high-quality blog posts or suggestions to improve content.


  • Creator plan: $39/month
  • Teams plan: $99/month
  • Business plan: custom pricing

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8) Beacons AI: All-in-One Platform for Creators


Beacons AI is a one-stop space for creators and influencers powered by machine learning. Launched by former creators John and Lisa, the current tech entrepreneurs wanted to create AI marketing tools to connect with social media followers, sell items, and simplify influencer marketing deals. Beacons AI connects with Link in Bio so influencers can have one workstation.

Beacons offers several AI tools for creators. Influencers can use AI to craft emails and responses. Beacons will know your brand and tone, so you’ll deliver personalized service to adhere to your unique brand image. Influencers can also get data-driven insights into their campaigns, making it easier to accomplish goals.

Key Features: One workstation where creators can connect with brands and send marketing emails. Beacons also collects and processes data so creators can view audience analytics.

Best For: Creators who want to use AI to generate and personalize various interactions.

Pricing: Freemium service. Beyond the free plan, Beacons has a Marketing Bundle for $30/month and a VIP plan for $100/month.

9) Flick: AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Tech Stack


Flick is an all-in-one platform that generates post ideas, social media content creation, and scheduling for marketing professionals. Many tools are available with Flick, such as AI Post Idea Brainstorming and Caption Writing. Flick also automates post-scheduling and auto-suggests hashtags.

To keep up with your posts, Flick offers an intuitive content calendar so you can always know what will be posted and when.

Key Features: AI-powered tools such as Post Idea Brainstorming and Caption Writing. Also automates post-scheduling and offers a content calendar for better organization.

Best For: A business or social media manager who wants to automate content ideas and scheduling posts.


When paying yearly:

  • Solo plan: $13.35/month
  • Pro plan: $29.14/month
  • Agency plan: $66.77/month

When paying monthly:

  • Solo plan: $17/month
  • Pro plan: $36.42/month
  • Agency plan: $82.56/month

10) DeepBrain AI: Hyper-Realistic Video Creation Powered By AI


Video is one of the most essential marketing strategies to add to your campaign. However, making and editing videos can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s where DeepBrain AI comes in. All you have to do is add a script and DeepBrain AI will produce a video in minutes, featuring realistic avatars who will act as the face and voice of your content.

The best part? DeepBrain AI is perfect for beginners. To start, just upload your video script to the platform. Once DeepBrain AI produces your video, you can customize it however you like. This tool also allows creators to upload PPT files, making this the perfect tool for course creators. And there are templates for different types of videos, from how-to to training videos, and includes subtitle generators.

Key Features: Can produce a video from a script within minutes with realistic avatars, and creators can upload PPT files to create presentations.

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Best For: Businesses that don’t have the expertise or budget to create a constant stream of videos. Because it can use PPT files, it’s also the perfect tool for educators.


  • Starter plan: $24/month when paying yearly or $30/month when paying monthly
  • Pro plan: $180/month when paying yearly or $225/month when paying monthly
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing

11) Trellis: AI-Charged Solutions for E-Commerce


A lot goes into running an online store, and transitioning to AI can be difficult for e-commerce businesses. Fortunately, Trellis offers an all-in-one solution for sellers to automate every aspect of the e-commerce process. Trellis can recommend the best product prices, send reminders for issues such as low inventory, optimize ads, predict ROI for promotions, and identify market trends.

How does Trellis offer so many robust e-commerce solutions? It uses historical data to ensure that your brand profits while improving your ROAS. This tool also automates your store management, tracking inventory and streamlining many essential tasks.

Key Features: Uses AI to improve ad creation and optimization, product pricing, and more.

Best For: E-commerce companies that want to use AI for digital marketing, advertising, and other tasks.


  • Entrepreneur plan: $299/month
  • Growth plan: $999/month
  • Professional plan: $1,499/month
  • They also offer a custom plan

12) InstaText: Uses AI to Write Your Content Like a Native English Speaker


With how Anglicized our world has become, there’s a lot of pressure on second-language English speakers to write and communicate like a native. But now brands and ESL writers don’t have to worry about awkward content or incorrect English. InstaText not only checks your spelling and grammar, but also suggests ways your content can sound more like a native speaker.

Whether you’re writing blog content, emails or ad copy for Google Ads, InstaText can improve your writing style to match native speakers’. This tool integrates with various apps, such as Google Suite and Slack, so you don’t have to leave your workstation to improve your communication. What makes InstaText unique is how it also preserves your brand tone and style, so it doesn’t deflect far from the original writing.

Key Features: Helps you rephrase sentences to write more like a native English speaker, all while preserving your authentic brand voice.

Best For: ESL users who want to improve their written communications in English and businesses who want to release content that sounds more like it was written by native speakers.

Pricing: Freemium service. Paid plan costs $10.53 when paying yearly or $26.35 when paying monthly.

13) Chatfuel: AI WhatsApp Chatbot


If you’re looking for an AI chatbot, Chatfuel is a popular option. Your business gets a unique phone number to use on WhatsApp where you can access all customer interactions in one place.

Chatfuel also connects with ChatGPT to produce human-like conversations 24/7. Other integrations that Chatfuel offers include Shopify, Calendly, and Google Sheets. Plus, they offer an API if you need to integrate Chatfuel to other apps.

Key Features: Offers a human-like customer experience on WhatsApp. Integrates with various apps for seamless use.

Best For: Businesses looking to use WhatsApp and other messengers as their chatbot service.


To connect to WhatsApp:

  • Business plan: $34.29/month
  • Enterprise plan: $300/month

To connect to Facebook and Instagram Messenger:

  • Business plan: $11.99/month
  • Enterprise plan: $300/month

14) DeepL: Use AI to Translate Content


Move over Google Translate. DeepL offers everything a global business needs to communicate with its audience. With our interconnected world, it’s essential that businesses offer content in various languages. However, recruiting and hiring multi-lingual writers can be time-consuming and expensive. When looking for translation tools, businesses must use the ones that offer the most robust solutions.

DeepL does more than offer accurate translations in 31 languages. They also offer resources for various types of businesses, such as marketing, legal, and sales teams. For writing multi-lingual marketing content, all you need to do is paste in your content or upload your file, and DeepL will translate it into any language. The tool will also offer different translations for a specific word based on context, dialect and slang.

Key Features: Translates business copy for marketing and other niches. Offers an API to integrate with various apps.

Best For: Marketing individuals and businesses who need to translate copy into numerous languages.


  • Basic translations are free.
  • Starter plan: $8.74/month annually ($10.49/month for monthly billing)
  • Advanced plan: $28.74/month annually ($34.49/month for monthly billing)
  • Ultimate plan: $57.49/month ($68.99/month for monthly billing)

The Best AI Marketing Tools Comparison

AI marketing tools chart comparison

Wrapping Up Our Top 14 AI Marketing Tools Picks for 2024

The advent of AI in our industry is groundbreaking, making us redefine processes and reevaluate how we can accomplish the same old tasks. Minutiae are progressively being eliminated from the equation, and our time is freed to think more critically.

With the help of AI tools like Seventh Sense,, and Optimove, you can access new levels of efficiency and precision. These tools can help you automate tasks, make data-driven decisions, conduct market research, and create captivating campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

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Additional content contributed by Stephanie Jensen.

That’s a wrap on “The Future of Marketing: 14 AI Tools You Need to Use” We hope you’ve found a trove of useful insights and fresh perspectives. Your opinions and ideas matter to us—join the conversation below and share your take! Hungry for more tech insights? Dive into our diverse collection of articles where innovation meets practicality. Discover More AI Softwares.

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